Ricky Jimenez

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Owner and head coach Ricky "The Dragon" Jimenez started training in the martial arts at the age of 7 years old. Acquiring a third degree black belt in Jim-Tzu Kempo Karate under his uncle and coach 5th degree beltblack belt Master instructor and developer of Jim-Tzu Kempo Karate and also the blindingly fast and devastating powerful Dragon Snake sword fighting system in which Coach Rick Jimenez is also proficient in.

He is also a Sitan taekwondo blackbelt instructor as well as trained in the art of Muay Thai under coach Tiago Azaredo with 4 Muay Thai championships under his belt. World Muay Thai alliance state champ. International kickboxing federation regional champ. Rage in the ring regional champ. RUF Ringside Unified Fighting Muay Thai national champ.

He is also a decorated MMA fighter with: Two MMA championships under his belt. Ground and pound regional champion. And also his biggest championship to date: King of the cage welterweight world champion.

Coach Rick Jimenez is also the owner and head coach of dragon snake MMA and developer of the dragon snake martial arts system. He has trained State national and world champions on an amateur and professional level. With his students accompanying 27 championship titles under his instruction.
These championships ranging from Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA.
Coach Ricky Jimenez goal is to provide a martial arts school practicing on all levels and competing at the highest and elite levels in the world. A gym with a no-ego family atmosphere with Good vibes always.


Clients Say

Every second we are learning, and being pushed farther then we thought we ever could. Its the dragon family that keeps you coming back! Im grateful for these people they are so motivating and i feel i crawl out better then i when i walked in. Coach Rick is an amazing coach who pays attention to every detail every move every second to help better you every day.

Joel Collins

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Whenever I get an opportunity to workout at Dragon Snake MMA and Fitness I am grateful! I not only great a workout in but I also learn a lot about mixed martial arts and health and fitness. Ricky and his team are great to work with and are always supportive and motivating. If you’re in the area, I recommend checking them out!

Ro Chittick

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Coach Rick is absolutely fantastic in his teaching style and technique. I have never had a bad lesson in this gym. 5 stars!

Jovan Lombard

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